The company founder, Shawn Stussy, was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards. The logo, which has defined the brand, started in the early 1980s after he began scrawling his surname on his handcrafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker. He began using the logo on T-shirts, shorts, and caps that he sold out of his car around Laguna Beach, California. Buy Stussy shorts, hoodie, tee, jacket, shirts, and beanie at Townsfolk.


Stussy is acknowledged for its design that has roots in the hip hop and surf world. They were established in 1980 by Shawn Stüssy and their streetwear is negotiated worldwide. Stussy is inspired by the many subcultures - however, the items appeal to a verity of people and we are sure that you can find a cool Stussy item you wanna buy at Townsfolk.

Stussy was successful from the beginning which made it possible to spread the Stussy vibe to the whole world. Stussy started collaborating with trendsetters in cities like New York, Tokyo, and London where Stussy was inspired by musicians, DJs, skaters, and artists who helped to make the brand an international streetwear brand.

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Townsfolk has been a retailer of Stussy since 2019. Stussy is more colorful and young than some of the other brands we got in the shop, in Copenhagen. Stussy gives Townsfolk a twist of fun, prints, and a laid-back attitude. You can find and buy the newest Stussy items or sale items at our webshop and in the Townsfolk store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

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Stussy is characterized by being distinctive, relaxed, and kind of underground style that is definitely not found anywhere else. The founder of Stussy has gone all the way from homemade tees to a worldwide streetwear brand. When you buy Stussy at Townsfolk you will spice up your outfit – and it works both for everyday and party. Combine a Stussy shirt, tee or hoodie with you everyday look and people on the street will turn around.