Find and buy sale items from Han Kjobenhavn, Samsoe, Our Legacy, Libertine-Libertine, Garment Project, Norse Projects, Soulland, Arkk Copenhagen, Karhu, Wood Wood, Won Hundred, Ami, Stussy, Stutterheim and Universal Works at Townsfolk.

Buy AMI Paris on sale at Townsfolk

AMI Paris was founded in 2011 by Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI offers a stylish and comprehensive wardrobe that blurs the boundaries between both casual and chic. AMI, meaning ‘friend’ in French, stands for a relaxed, authentic and friendly approach to fashion and captures that particular type of Parisian nonchalance that is young, cool and carefree. Buy AMI on sale at Townsfolk.


Buy Garment Project on sale at Townsfolk

Garment Project design casual sneakers for men made in high-quality suede and leather. The company is founded by Kent Rau and inspired by his personal style - he describes the design as cool, calm and collected. Garment Project is a clean and minimalistic sneaker combined with a formal shoe. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and our feet love them. Buy Garment Project shoes and sneakers on sale at Townsfolk.

Buy Karhu on sale at Townsfolk

Karhu, meaning “bear”in Finnish, is a leading running brand, and has provided technical running and outdoor gear for 100 years. With an authentic heritage in athletics and a deep connection to the outdoors, Karhu follows the Finnish principles of design simplicity and running purity. At Townsfolk you can buy the two popular models Karhu Fusion 2.0 and Karhu Aria. Find Karhu sneaker on sale at Townsfolk.

Buy Libertine-Libertine on sale at Townsfolk

Libertine-Libertine is a Danish fashion brand founded by three creative enthusiasts. The brand is based on existentialism, high quality and well-designed items. All the products are made in Europe by the best manufacturers and fabric suppliers. We feel nothing but great love for this brand and the high quality they show time after time. Buy Libertine-Libertine on sale at Townsfolk.

Buy Norse Projects on sale at Townsfolk

Norse Projects is a design studio, working within the boundaries of art, design, and functionality. Norse Projects collaborates with many artists and designers for their further development of products. Norse Projects design is an unending search to develop high-quality products that combine effortless style with both performance and functional attributes. Norse Projects is one of our absolute favorite brands – we hope that you will like it as much as we do. Find Norse Projects on sale at Townsfolk.

Buy Our Legacy on sale at Townsfolk

Our Legacy is a part of the new wave of cool Nordic brands. They started as a line of T-shirts and showed their first full collection in 2008. Our Legacy often experiments with many different and new materials. You may recognize the brand by their play with colors and patterns – at Townsfolk you will find the more toned colors from Our Legacy that we love. Buy Our Legacy on sale here at Townsfolk.

Buy Stussy on sale at Townsfolk

The company founder, Shawn Stussy, was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards. The logo, which has defined the brand, started in the early 1980s after he began scrawling his surname on his handcrafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker. He began using the logo on T-shirts, shorts, and caps that he sold out of his car around Laguna Beach, California. Buy Stussy shorts, hoodie, tee, jacket, shirts, and beanie on sale at Townsfolk.

Buy Stutterheim on sale at Townsfolk

Stutterheim creates beautiful yet functional rainwear in the highest quality. All raincoats from Stutterheim are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, sustainability, functionality, and timeless design. At Townsfolk you can buy the popular raincoat model Kivik from Stutterheim. Find and buy Stutterheim raincoats on sale at Townsfolk.  

Buy Townsfolk on sale

Townsfolk is inspired by the life in Copenhagen - You should be able to bike in your clothes and still look well-dressed for work. You can wear the Townsfolk clothes both for important business meetings and for a late night out with your guys.  

With Townsfolk we wanted to do something different and the designer, Jonas Sand Kristensen, often felt like he was missing some key pieces that represented how he wanted to dress and look. The first collection from Townsfolk was introduced in 2018. Buy the Townsfolk on sale here or in our store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Buy Universal Works on sale at Townsfolk

Universal Works first collection launched in 2009 with David Keyte working from his kitchen table with an aim to make real, honest clothing based on fit and good design, though never over-designed. Universal Works is about the mixing of ideas; understanding heritage and context underpinned by contemporary needs and aesthetics. Buy your Universal Works on sale at Townsfolk.


Buy Won Hundred on sale at Townsfolk

Since the beginning, the 'rock and roll lifestyle' has been an influential source of inspiration at Won Hundred, which over time have shaped the heart of Won Hundred’s identity. This is embodied in the continuous use of denim and leather, where Won Hundred always try to move the boundaries of the Scandinavian and minimalist approach. At Townsfolk you can buy the popular jeans and a lot of other cloth from Won Hundred on sale.