This is our selection of pants for men. Many of the styles have a clean and formal fit and without being too tight. Some of these feature press folds. These pans go pretty well with most outfits. You can easily style the pants with either a blazer or formal shirt or go in a casual direction with a t-shirt or turtleneck.

Besides the formal fitting styles within our selection of pants we also carry an assortment of contemporary trousers. Among these we have some of the very trendy extra wide fitting pants from brands like Libertine-Libertine, Our Legacy and Universal Works. These styles are perfect for today’s street wear trends which are heavily influenced by 90’s fashion.


Sporty pants

Among our selection of pants, you will find some styles which are not intended for everyday use. An example of this are these running tights from Soulland which are created for the fashionable man who likes to always be well-dressed. Besides these we also carry pants made from uncommon materials like our rain pants from Norse Projects which are made from an extremely light nylon. We highly recommend you look through our entire selection as you always will be surprised and stumble upon new inspiration.

Pants from Townsfolk

Quite a lot of the pants we carry are from our in-house brand, Townsfolk. These are designed by our own designer, Jonas Sand Kristensen. Common to all these are the comfort and practical wear ability which are fundamental to all our designs – being made for everyday life in Copenhagen. The brand Townsfolk is designed with a focus on materials in mind. You will find different Townsfolk pants in corduroy, but also some made from traditional materials like cotton or polyester.


At Townsfolk we of course have a large assortment of jeans. These you won’t find here as a we have committed an entire page just for our jeans selection – you can find our large assortment of jeans here.