Our Legacy

Our Legacy is a part of the new wave of cool Nordic brands. They started as a line of T-shirts and showed their first full collection in 2008. Our Legacy often experiments with many different and new materials. You may recognize the brand by their play with colors and patterns – at Townsfolk you will find the more toned colors from Our Legacy that we love. Buy your newest Our Legacy items here at Townsfolk.

Our Legacy

Turns out Scandinavian design isn’t all minimal, functional, and ready to assemble. The Swedish brand Our Legacy flips those expectations with idiosyncratic clothes that will make your personal style seem much more personal and special.

Our Legacy started as a punk band—but one that makes clothes instead of music. Jockum Hallin and Cristopher Nying met as kids in Jönköping, Sweden, where they worked at what Jockum calls “the best clothing store in our little town.” In 2005 they opened a distribution agency in Stockholm and soon started selling their own line of graphic t-shirts. They called the fledgling project Our Legacy. According to Hallin, the name was something they wouldn't get bored of, and they liked that it sort of sounds like a punk or hardcore band. What started as a side project quickly grew into a full collection of shirts, pants, outerwear, and suits.

Neither designer felt they could find the clothing they wanted to wear, so they set out to design what they perceived as “the most perfect T-shirt ever,” but, despite these lofty goals, their operation was relatively DIY in the beginning; Nying’s father worked making vinyl and printed materials for a range of companies, and Our Legacy printed all of its samples in his home studio in a small city between Gothenburg and Stockholm. Hallin and Nying then traveled to Florence with these samples to get their first run of T-shirts produced, returning home before setting out to sell their shirts in Copenhagen and other nearby cities.

In 2007, the two owners of Our Legacy invited mutual friend Richardos Klarén, who had been working in Stockholm doing sales for Acne, to join their fledgling brand, and he became the third co-owner.

Our Legacy got their first sample collection in 2007 which was around 40-50 pieces from Portugal with color options and they had trousers, knitwear, some light suiting and coats too. Our Legacy had a showroom in Copenhagen at the time and the status and number of buyers that showed up far exceeded their expectations.

A year later, Our Legacy opened its first flagship store in Stockholm. Our Legacy’s early collections were marked by what many people categorized as prep aesthetics mixed with Scandinavian minimalism, but the brand always had a more conceptual outlook on design, even if it wasn’t readily apparent in its garments.

Yet, despite their increasing success during the early 2010s, the trio behind Our Legacy was feeling limited by the minimalist designs they had become known for. In fact, Hallin went so far as to dismiss and correct the term minimalism.

In 2012, Our Legacy made a collective decision to focus on a more progressive approach, starting with the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, inspired by the relaxed, yet refined style of 1950s expressionist authors and artists. While Our Legacy has continued this more conceptual approach over the past years, the brand still eschews many of the common labels and systems that more traditional and even avant-garde fashion designers ascribe to. Our Legacy start the design process with a ground-up approach and stay away from mood boards that pull photos from major cultural touchstones, such as popular films. Instead, they begin with color palettes, textures and fabrics.

Our Legacy has not always had a reputation for distinctive design and, in fact, it is one the brand has diligently cultivated since 2012, after humble beginnings and roughly seven years of a what some might consider more traditionally Scandinavian aesthetics.

Buy Our Legacy at Townsfolk

Townsfolk has been a retailer of Our Legacy since the opening of the shop at Frederiksberg, Denmark. At first glance, Our Legacy might evoke classic Scandinavian minimalism but when you look closer you'll find that the über-clean basics are gateway drugs into Our Legacy's quietly psychedelic world of far-out prints, space-age fabrics, and fresh, exaggerated proportions. We, at Townsfolk, think the design and choice of material is outstanding - You can find the newest Our Legacy items at our webshop and in the Townsfolk store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Our Legacy clothing

Our Legacy are experts at taking workaday pieces like crewnecks and anoraks and using treatments like crinkled nylon, richly dyed suede, and washed-out tie-dye to twist them into something that subtly projects idiosyncratic taste. Anti-establishment subcultures may be stitched into Our Legacy's, but the brand's more about low-key subversion than shaking a fist in anyone's face. The designers aren't beholden to any particular trend or tribe; instead, they bury their influences deep. Here at Townsfolk you can find shirts, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and pants from Our Legacy.