Norse Projects

Norse Projects is a design studio, working within the boundaries of art, design, and functionality. Norse Projects collaborates with many artists and designers for their further development of products. Norse Projects design is an unending search to develop high-quality products that combine effortless style with both performance and functional attributes. Norse Projects is one of our absolute favorite brands – we hope that you will like it as much as we do. Find your newest Norse Projects items at Townsfolk.

Norse Projects

Norse Projects was founded by Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul, and Mikkel Grønnebaek as a retail streetwear shop and art gallery in 2004. Norse Projects launched its own line of menswear in 2009. In 2013, Norse Projects topped a list of the 15 best Scandinavian men's wear brands. Norse Projects is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and designs and develops seasonal collections of men and womenswear, blending influences from streetwear and classical workwear with high-end fashion. Norse Projects is philosophically rooted in Scandinavia with a Danish design aesthetic and the idea that good design is functional and timeless in nature. With roots in street culture, skateboarding and inspiration from architecture and the subtle landscapes of the North, Norse Projects create European sourced-and-sewn garments for the modern man which we love here at Townsfolk.

Buy Norse Projects at Townsfolk

Townsfolk has been a retailer of Norse Projects since the opening of the shop at Frederiksberg, Denmark. The design aesthetic is truly Scandinavian with clean lines, beautiful materials, minimal fuss, and classic details. The source of inspiration is primarily the Nordic nature as well as classic workwear.

We, at Townsfolk, think the quality is outstanding – the collections are all made in Europe from premium materials, which clearly shows in the durability of the items. You can find the newest Norse Projects items at our webshop and in the Townsfolk store at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Norse Projects items

Norse Projects is a clean-cut brand with a style that is moving away from the over-designed, over-branded look, which a lot of other streetwear brands employ. Norse Projects focuses on functional basics such as sweaters, shirts, pants, t-shirts, and jackets. Furthermore, Norse Projects also has an accessory line including headwear and scarfs – You may already know the popular Norse Projects Beanie that you can buy at Townsfolk every fall and winter season.